Monday, January 02, 2006

CDs at CDBaby

Our CD is now available at CDBaby. Only $10. It's also a part of their $5 club - if you buy 2 other CDs from the club, they're all only $5 go shop around and get a few!

"Life, Style..." will also be available soon at iTunes (for purchase) and Rhapsody (for subscription).

Enjoy, and as soon as Nemo gets back from his sabbatical, we'll be bringing the MAXIMUM NEW WAVE in 2006.

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palmettoparrots said...

I just got my copy of "Life, Style..." from CD Baby. I linked in on the $5 deal. I also got a cool trash punk band (Coco Cobra & The Killers) in the deal.

I am liking LS alot. I wish I had heard of you guys 20 years ago.