Friday, April 13, 2007

Achewood loves us, and we love them

My friend Chris Onstad doesn't need any additional promotion for his amazing comic Achewood now that Time Magazine and Salon have started noticing him.

But Chris was an early and vocal supporter of the Pants re-uniting, and was kind enough to provide a nice drawing of Roast Beef as Sid.

Anyhow, if any of you have not yet discovered Achewood, do so!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

El Rio = Great Show!

Oh man, what a great show! The Pants really tore it up.

Despite getting off to a late start due to a sluggish opening band, The Pants took the stage with authority and once again proved why it was worth waiting 20 years. Special thanks to Foxx Trott for nailing the keyboard parts.

Also a shout-out to Sweet Crude Bill & The Lighthouse Nautical Society - they danced for our entire set (which is strongly encouraged) and then followed up with a marathon set of their own. Well played, people!

I'd also like to thank all the hardcore fans for showing up (Captain Leasure even put in an appearance!) I'd list you all here, but the whole "stalker" thing can be a problem. Feel free to let me know if you want a more personalized shout-out. Seeing you all at every show makes lifting all that gear in the cold at 2 am more tolerable.

Finally, thank you to Sean and the Dolores Park Movie Night crew for hosting the event. See you guys in the park!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Show @ El Rio - 4/4/2007!

So it's still short notice, but we have yet another gig and a variation on our line-up. Details:

Dolores Park Movie Night Viewers' Choice Party
El Rio
3158 Mission St. (just South of Cesar Chavez)
$5-$20 sliding scale, all are welcome.

This is the Dolores Park Movie Night Viewers' Choice Party - in other words, this is where you get to pick which movies are shown during the upcoming season.

You can also meet fellow Dolores Park Movie Night-goers and participate in fabulous raffles!
3 bands, 2 djs and food provided!

How can you pass this up? You can't!

Pony is back from Thailand. However our mysterious and sexy new keyboard player has had to flee to Mexico for tax reasons. While that's being sorted out, Mr. Foxx Trott will be tickling the plastics for this show.